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Salford elderly hit again in fake cops phone cash scam

Police have issued a warning as elderly people in Salford are again being targeted by criminals over the phone.

Cold callers are making telephone calls to households pretending to be police officers, saying the homeowners have been victims of fraud and urging them to clear their bank accounts before handing the money over to ‘police officers’ on their doorstep.

Fortunately two would-be victims have been wise to the scam and contacted Greater Manchester Police within minutes of the calls being made.

Officers are now looking into these incidents and providing support to the two homeowners.

A spokesperson for the force said: “Unfortunately people have fallen victims to these scams and lost large amounts of money believing what they are being told.

“If you or anybody know receives a call like this please don’t provide any personal details i.e. address or bank details to the caller, hang up and dial 1471 to try and receive a phone number.

“If you have elderly or vulnerable family or friends please speak to them about these types of calls and should they receive any notify Greater Manchester Police on 101.”

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