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Watch: Brits confess they don’t know how to use gadgets properly

Did you know about these everyday life hacks?

Over 63 million gadgets are being neglected in the UK, with over 21 million Brits admitting they only know how to use certain parts of their devices, according to new research* by technology brand Bush.

Although 35 million people3 say they don’t feel confident when using technology and 15 per cent never read user manuals*, one in three (32 per cent) reckon their lifestyle would improve if they knew how to get more use out of their gadgets* – allowing them more time to relax in front of the TV, work from home and exercise.

The top technology challenges were revealed by the research as:

1. Understanding what the cloud is (44 per cent)
2. Connecting to tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth (35 per cent)
3. Streaming music and films (24 per cent)
4. Understanding all the different programmes on the washing machine (24 per cent)
5. How to send a text message (11 per cent)

Andy Robertson, family technology expert who has worked with Bush to devise a series of life hacks4 to help Brits get the most out of their gadgets, said: “Young people are the most confident when it comes to understanding technology, but for parents or grandparents born in a generation where the cloud referred to something in the sky, it can be a bit harder to work out the quickest way to access your files remotely, or how to stream the latest box office film on your TV.

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