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Choose from November’s live HMRC’s webinars

Webinars highlighted this month are:

• Wednesday 11 November @ 15:00pm – My Property Income & HMRC
• Friday 20 November @ 11:00am – Expenses & Benefits

Other useful webinars coming up can be viewed here

Just in case you haven’t taken part in live webinars before – this is what you need to do to join in:
1. Sign up by providing a name and email address – we will then send a link to attend.

2. Ask questions in the text box on the screen – we will explain how during the webinar.

Microphones and cameras are not needed – out presenters will not be able to hear or see participants.

The webinar schedule email is a regular monthly feature, so if you can’t join us this month, keep a look out for next month’s selection.

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