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Surface water warning for rush hour drivers

Drivers are being warning over surface water levels as Monday’s rush-hour approaches.

Areas across the region have seen steady rainfall throughout the day, with parts of the north west issued a yellow weather warning for wind and rain.

Braking distances are increased in wet weather, with skidding and aquaplaning threats to consider.

The rain, which has tailed off through the afternoon in Salford, has still left large areas with considerable surface water coverage.

And areas of low pressure have brought strong southwesterly winds to the north west throughout the morning and early afternoon.

A lull as rush-hour approaches is expected to be just that, with stronger, gusty winds building up to a maximum of 50mph on Monday evening.

Drivers around Barton High Level bridge, between Junctions 10 and 11 of the M60 are especially warned to take extra care.

The public should be aware of the risk of localised disruption to travel, said the Met Office.

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