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Who’s a clever boy then? 50 owners wanted for Salford dog study

Researchers at the University of Salford need 50 dog-owning volunteers for a study looking at how much our mutts recognise us and what’s going on in the brains of man’s best friend.

The canine intelligence study, which will take place in the dog’s family home, will be led by Dr Sean O’Hara, a lecturer in wildlife cognition and behaviour.

Dr O’Hara hopes to understand how dogs interpret what we say – and even how they manipulate us to get what they want.

Researchers believe that the study is the first of its kind.

They say the findings could help animal welfare, if it were to provide more evidence that dogs feel part of the family.

Dr O’Hara explains: “Dogs don’t live with dogs anymore; they live with humans, who have become their ‘group’.

“The more dogs are seen as part of the group and not simply as pets, the stronger those family ties become.”

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The study will ask owners to carry out a series of simple observations about their dog’s behaviour around the house in a big to learn what pups are thinking, and what they think about us.

To take part in the study owners must live in Salford or Bolton and have owned their pet for over five months.

If you would like to take part with your dog contact Hannah Worsley by email to h.k.worsley@edu.salford.ac.uk.

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