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Commissioner welcomes Government climb down on police cuts

Greater Manchester’s Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed the Chancellor’s climb down on cuts to policing.

Responding to George Osborne’s announcement that overall spending on policing will not be cut further Tony Lloyd said:
“George Osborne has listened to what I and other police leaders, politicians and the public have been saying for some time – cuts to local policing put our communities in danger.

“It would be churlish of me not to welcome this decision and I strongly welcome it.The public wants certainty over the number of police officers there are to keep their communities safe. Greater Manchester Police has already suffered as a result of five years of deep cuts that have seen more than 1,500 officers disappear from our streets.

“The Chancellor has not yet outlined the impact the spending review will have on local authorities. Policing works in close partnership with other public bodies and cuts to their budgets impact on community safety.

“I want to thank Greater Manchester MPs of all parties who have helped me to lobby government on this issue. It appears our determination on behalf of local people has paid off.”

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