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Review: Seann Walsh – 28 – The Lowry, Salford Quays

Seann Walsh is well known for his rapid rise up the comedy ranks in the past two years.

The man who (quite accurately) described himself as “looking like a Thundercat on heroin” kept us giggling throughout this Lowry show and was well-supported by his opening act Mark Simmons.

Simmons warmed up the crowd with a quality set of silly puns and witty one-liners, and while a song about ears fell rather flat, the whole audience loved this Edinburgh Fringe gag: “I read that during the war the English referred to Adolf Hilter as badger man, although it might have said bad German.”

As soon as he stepped on stage Walsh immediately put the audience at ease by bringing himself to their level.

He openly discussed his home life and what it is like now, at the age of 28, that he lives with his girlfriend; his quick-witted and apt observations made him extremely relatable which only added to the succession of laughs he produced.

Walsh maintained his amicable nature throughout the show even when heckled by audience members.

This in turn led to a brief respite from the set where Seann built on the camaraderie by getting to know several hecklers rather more intimately than they might have liked.

Throughout the entire evening Walsh remained true to himself, left all his weirdness on show and the audience revelled in it.

All in all it was an extremely comical evening that will be hard to top and I would recommend it highly to anyone who’s up for a laugh and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

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