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Council to hit ‘city’s worst private landlords’ in three-month crackdown

Damp, dangerous and unsafe private homes are to be targeted in a new crackdown by Salford City Council.

The new operation will work with private landlords to tackle the worst homes in the city with a focus on flats above shops.

It comes after Salford City Council won £63,000 in government funding to tackle rogue landlords. The crackdown will last three months.

Councillor Gena Merrett, executive lead member for housing and environment, said: “Most private landlords in Salford provide safe and well managed accommodation for their tenants.

“Unfortunately there are a large number who don’t as we have seen from several prosecutions over the last few years but if tenants don’t complain, then we can’t take action.

“This crackdown will enable us to target the flats and houses in poorest condition and hopefully to work with the landlord to bring them back to a decent standard.”

Salford has over 18,000 privately rented homes around 16% of which are thought to be below standard.

Cllr Merrett continued: “We would rather work with them but if they don’t co-operate we can serve improvement notices to get the repairs done. If landlords don’t comply with that, they could then face legal action.

“At the end of the day these people are running a business as well as providing a home for others so there is no excuse for unfit homes.”

Tenants in privately rented houses who have concerns about their living conditions can contact Salford City Council’s housing standards section on 0161 793 2545.

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