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Police warn over youths throwing stones in Cadishead

Greater Manchester Police has issued a warning over the number of youths throwing stones towards cars and houses in Cadishead.

A spokesperson for GMP Irlam and Cadishead wrote on the force’s Facebook page: “Just before 6pm last night, Sunday 19 April we received several reports of youths on the embankment throwing stones at cars on the bypass, people walking on the pavements and later on at the houses on the estate.

“Four boys and one girl were seen. One boy was wearing a black jacket with grey arms, another was wearing a navy top and another grey bottoms.

“This stoning has to stop before someone is seriously hurt. Babies and young children playing in their gardens have had large stones land next to them, on hot days parents are keeping their children indoors.

“Cars and windows have been damaged. A driver on the bypass being hit by a stone could lose control and have an accident with serious consequences. We are working with the residents and landowners to tackle the issue but we need your help too.

“We are patrolling the area whenever we are on duty, British Transport Police officers are now patrolling with us and any youths stopped on the embankment are being spoken to in front of their parents. If they get caught in the act they will be arrested.”

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