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5* Review: The Perfect Pair, Shards from the Mirror

This week see’s the launch of the final book in the Perfect Pair trilogy, Shards from the Mirror by David and Tracy Holyrod, readers may be familiar with the two previous books, in this series, The Enchanted Mirror and The Mirror Cracks.

The ‘factional’ stories concerned the exploits of dolphin trainer, David Capello, a young man not only with integrity but with the power to have a psychic bond with his beloved dolphins.

Each book slowly exposed the murky world of dolphin training where profit comes before anything and these beautiful creatures lives are put at risk by penny pinching business moguls who have no moral standards whatsoever,

David Capello is seen attempting to train his charges to do the synchronised forward somersault a feat never thought possible, however his plans are soon to be thwarted and we discover what the real worth of these creatures lives are.

Adrift in a fog of valium he struggles to accept what is going on around him, as the dolphins through sickness caused by filthy, chemical ridden water are slowly being poisoned in front of his eyes.

The ‘Enchanted Mirror’ as he calls the show pool becomes a prison ground for both the dolphins and himself and minds begin to unravel as the murky waters of the pool slowly poison not only the dolphins but his psychic bond with them.

It is well written, with touchs of humour and yet all the while there is a dark undercurrent of things to come as the storyline unravels.

I can guarantee that this book will shake all your pre-conceived ideas of dolphinariums with their image of well-fed dolphins happily performing for your entertainment

We see how and wonder why humans can treat such beautiful creatures with absolute disdain and for what? profit of course.

This a “warts and all” expose so don’t be expecting whimsy or light heartedness, because I can assure you, that you will be disappointed.

It’s little wonder that certain authorities have tried to have this book blacklisted, but the truth must be told, and it’s told here in no uncertain manner.

The authors have actually added a ‘List of Shame’ at the finish of the book they include, Marine Connection; Born Free Foundation; PETA UK; PETA USA; Sea Shepherd UK; Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Organisation; Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC).

Already the charity, Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Organisation on this list have spoken about this controversial book, denying the authors allegations, I know who I believe.

I can’t spoil the ending of the book for you but you must read this book if you have ever considered visiting a dolphinarium, please don’t, you should be ashamed of yourself

The book can be purchased from the couple’s website, Amazon, or Waterstones.

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