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SalfordOnline.com is looking for support from its readers to continue to grow.

At the moment our readership is expanding more quickly than our infrastructure can cope with.

With rapidly escalating web traffic and stories which go viral within minutes of being posted, this independent daily website is becoming the largest and most popular news site in Salford.

We’ve set up a GoFundMe page at GoFundMe.com/salfordonline, and we’re asking for any donation, no matter how small, to keep our not-for-profit social enterprise sustainable, reliable and local.

Over the past eight years we’ve backed hundreds of community campaigns, and fundraised for thousands of people in need.

Now we’re asking for your help in return.

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If we are to continue to provide a daily news service for Salford we need funding to expand, to provide a new server that can cope with the level of traffic we’re seeing day in and day out, video equipment, IT equipment which is able to handle video editing suites and eventually more full-time staff to support this expansion.

To give you an idea, readers viewed over 6.6 million pages on SalfordOnline in 2015.

The site also attracts 40,000 unique readers per week on average.

SalfordOnline.com is a registered Community Interest Company, backed by volunteer writers, photographers and editors and read all over the world.

Donate here: GoFundMe.com/salfordonline

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