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Hero firefighters save two pups but four dogs die in Little Hulton kennel fire

Four dogs have sadly died after a fire broke out in a shed in the garden of a house in Little Hulton, Salford.

Over 10 puppies are thought to have been caught up in the fire in kennels in the shed on Kenyon Way this evening.

Neighbours risked life and limb by running towards the raging fire to try and save the animals.

Firefighters – who locals reported were visibly distressed by the incident – fought hard to get the blaze under control.

They then managed to resuscitate and save the lives of two pups by administering oxygen therapy.

firefighters baby dogs2 - Christopher Whitehead

No one else has been injured in the blaze, said fire authorities.

Eight people are thought to live at the property, but none were reported inside at the time.


Eyewitness Chris Whitehead, 42, told SalfordOnline.com: “I was looking out of my window and I saw a bit of activity, some girls who live at the property running up and down the street and cars stopping.

“I spotted a puff of smoke in the air but I thought nothing of it, but then a girl ran past my house to get a neighbour out of his house and there were the sounds of screaming and crying.

“So I put my daughter down for the night and went across towards the garden where this shed was absolutely ablaze.

“It was chaotic with people running about trying to help.

“It was a raging inferno by that point, the heat was so intense it was setting fire to nearby conifer trees.

kandrews8098 LH kennel fire2

“We could hear the fire engines coming by that point, but all you could hear coming from the shed were these pups screaming, it was horrendous.”

Hero neighbours

Chris recalls seeing one man race through the house into the back garden and make his way into the shed, pulling puppies out of the raging fire.

“He ran into a burning building to save them. He was pretty shaken up by it all. He’s said he doesn’t want any recognition for it but it was incredible what he did.

“The firefighters were amazing, the pulled dogs out of the fire and set to work on them there and then.

“I can’t praise them enough, they did everything so quickly to get the fire under control.

“It’s very sad that dogs have died, but it was amazing the ones that the firefighters saved, they were basically dead on the ground and when their eyes just opened…it was amazing.”

Another added: “Others could not get near the heat was so intense.

“And hats off to the firemen who did all they could just as if the pups were human.

“RIP to the baby doggies who lost their very young lives.”

Tragically Greater Manchester Fire confirmed tonight that four pups had passed away.

Three crews from Farnworth and Atherton were called to the house on Kenyon Way this evening, Sunday 17 May, at around 7.15pm.

They found a range of kennels on fire in the shed, with the blaze spreading to the side door of the property.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

Early reports suggest it was an electrical fire due to the speed that the blaze spread.

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