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‘I’m not from Manchester’: Dodgy driver’s M602 excuse falls on deaf ears

A van driver pulled over by police in Salford protested his innocence for a motoring offence with the excuse “I’m not from Manchester”.

The Londoner was visiting the city to meet with family when he was spotted by traffic police making an unauthorised detour between lanes of the M602.

He was picked up by local officers after changing lanes, illegally cutting across the solid white line on the motorway approach to the Regent Road roundabout at Junction 1.

But the tourist got a Traffic Offence Report ticket in the region of £100 for his trouble, despite claiming lack of local knowledge was his undoing.

Fixed Penalty Notices or TORs can cost you between £30 and £100 and are issued for a wide range of traffic offences, including driving without due care and attention, using a mobile phone whilst driving, obstruction, vehicle defects and no insurance.

Main image: @gmptraffic

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