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5* Review: Impossible is spectacular magic revival – Palace Theatre, Manchester

Fresh from West End success, Impossible lands in Manchester featuring the finest magicians, illusionists and stuntmen in a truly magnificent family show.

In recent years, traditional magicians have fallen out of favour and replaced with Derren Brown-style mentalists, so it was exciting to see the format revived in such spectacular fashion.

Impossible features six extremely talented showmen performing a wide variety of acts.

Jonathan Goodwin, daredevil and escapologist, got the most gasps hanging upside down in a blazing straightjacket trying to escape before he goes up in flames!


Chris Cox works wonders on the audience by seeming to read minds; this skill when done well is truly baffling and Cox pulls it off with aplomb.

Bones adds a touch of street magic along with some pretty good dance moves – and leaves the audience gobsmacked with his £20 note trick.

Ben Hart’s unique take on magic was mesmerising. Eerie and cleverly done, I had goosebumps and I don’t mind admitting I grabbed the hand of my 11-year-old grandson as I was a little scared.

Throughout the show there are big screens and monitors for close-up shots meaning there is always a beady eye watching to catch them out or for mistakes that never actually happen.

I was lucky enough to witness one of Ben Hart’s tricks up close and personal. Believe me, the man is a marvel.

Lee Thompson puts the audience in charge for a trick that goes down a storm especially with the younger members of my party who I think quite fancy themselves as magicians now!.

There’s a few of the golden oldies included – split the lady in two, rope and card tricks amongst others – but Impossible is fresh and exciting and will appeal to the whole family from ages 8+.

It was a fantastic evening’s entertainment which deserves top billing.

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