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Review: Basil Brush BOOM BOOM – The Lowry, Salford Quays

SalfordOnline.com Rating: 4 out of 5

Basil Brush has celebrated over 50 years of entertaining and this show was the icing on the cake for the audience at The Lowry Theatre.

Basil has the ability to make people of all ages laugh and smile and here the famous fox was no exception.

I was really excited to be able to take my 8-year-old son to watch something that his mum enjoyed as a little girl.

I remember loving Basil’s wacky sense of humour and his fantastic ability to become the hero in every story.

As a child I have fond memories of his instantly recognisable accent, dapper outfits and legendary “boom boom!” catchphrase.

The show contained water guns, custard pies and lots of slapstick humour.

Two children even got the opportunity to go on stage and play a game which had the whole of the auditorium cheering them on.

I think the water guns were the highlight of the show for most of the children as the excitement on their faces when they got soaked was just fantastic to watch and they couldn’t wait for it to happen again and again.

Basil is accompanied by Mr Stephen, Mr Snell the theatre manager and a digital screen which works very well throughout the show.

The nasty fox appears on the screen regularly and is very jealous of Basil’s fame and is bent on destroying his career so he decides to hypnotise the theatre manager so he cancels Basil’s show.

Mr Stephen and Basil want the show to go on so they decide to improvise as all their acts have gone home and its a huge success as they have the audience on the edge of their seats.

A few costume changes for Basil and we see Captain Starbrush, Obi Want A Wee, Sherlock Brush – this really takes me back to when I was a child as Basil would always be in many different costumes. There is lots of adult humour that goes completely over the kids’ heads but has the adults in hysterics.

We had a fantastic time getting sprayed with water, booing the bad guys, cheering on the heroes, joining in with games, stories and singing along to some catchy numbers.

After the show we were invited to meet the star himself and have a photo – I think I was more excited than my son! Basil Brush is back with a BOOM!

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