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Independent Ethics Committee to examine Hillsborough inquest findings

Greater Manchester’s independent Ethics Committee for policing is to examine the significant ethical challenges the Hillsborough inquest has posed for the police service.

Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd has also asked Greater Manchester Police to examine what measures are in place which would prevent a tragedy like Hillsborough happening in Greater Manchester.

Tony said: “In Greater Manchester we stand shoulder to shoulder with the families of those who died, those who witnessed the terrible events on that day, and the people of Liverpool as a whole. We must never forget this awful tragedy – and part of the process of remembrance is the application of the lessons we must learn.

“While I am confident that the right laws around whistleblowing are in place, we must ensure the processes which exist within organisations are clear and robust. Cover up can never be part of the culture of policing or, indeed, any public services. That’s why I am asking the Ethics Committee to examine the issues of ethics and integrity that the 27-year journey for justice has exposed.

“I am also asking the Chief Constable to conduct a thorough examination of the processes that are in place now for major events to provide confidence to the public that there is no possibility that a tragedy such as this could be repeated.”
David Walker Bishop Manchester
Bishop David Walker, who chairs the independent Ethics Committee, said: “Our hearts are with the families of the 96. For years the truth about their loved ones was obscured and their memories were sullied. Now the world has seen the truth the families always knew, and we can now all walk with them on the journey to justice.

“The independent Ethics Committee will now undertake an examination of the ethical issues that arise out of Hillsborough. I am asking the committee to undertake this work as quickly as possible and to report its findings to the Mayor and the Chief Constable.”

Tony added: “I would also like to thank the Greater Manchester Police staff and officers who have worked on the Hillsborough inquiry. They have made a real difference and helped ensure that the truth that the families always knew was shown to the inquest jury and the public.”

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