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Readers Pics: Beautiful Sunsets over Salford

Pictures by Danielle Merrishaw, Nicola Jayne Thompson, Chelsea Fisher, Simon Evans, @redgeneral70 and Jennie Bracegirdle

There were purples, oranges, yellows and deep reds all set against the clear blue yonder.

Simon Evans snapped a beauty with his Samsung Galaxy S5 over Langworthy Road.

Over on Twitter, @redgeneral70 added a stunner from the bottom of Cross Lane overlooking the old Clarendon high school.

SalfordOnline.com social media manager Chelsea Fisher, fresh from collecting donations for the Coffee4Craig homeless charity at Fitzwarren Street market, picked out her shot with an iPhone looking over Langworthy rooftops.

The science behind these stunning colours is down to the Rayleigh scattering effect.

In winter months when the sun is at a low angle, as it is at sunset, the light from the sun has a long way to travel through the atmosphere before it reaches your eye.

Increasing concentrations of small particles in the lower atmosphere further increase Rayleigh scattering to shift the hues towards the red end of the visible light spectrum.

The larger distance amplifies the effect so that the violets and blues in sunlight are lost, leaving you with shades of yellows, oranges, reds, and sometimes even purple.

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