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Men Behaving Dadly in Winton

A group of dads in Winton have run a children’s competition to highlight the important role of fathers to a children’s well-being.

As part of the Dadly Does It project supported by local social enterprise, Unlimited Potential, children were invited through their primary schools, nurseries and the local children’s centre to write or draw why their dad is the greatest. The finalists came together at Salford City Academy on 26 May for the Grand Finale, with special guest Councillor Karen Garrido, the Ceremonial Mayor of Salford, handing out the prizes and paying tribute in her speech to three men who had been important in her life.

The competition was designed to find out what children think is important in a dad, and to encourage those in a father role to come together to help each other. The Dadly Does It team of dads believes that, through those in a father role helping each other, their children’s well-being will improve.

Local father Dan Crawley said: “My tip to other fathers is to let your children grow themselves, guide them and have fun. Always tell your child you love them and be there for them as just saying them words and being there for them will mean more than money could ever buy.”

At the event itself, children were asked to write a letter to their father. One child wrote: “Dear Dad, I’d really love it if you spent more time with me. Even though you do, I just love our fun together.”

Over the next few months, the Dadly Does It project, which is funded by the Lankelly Chase Foundation, will be putting together a series of events to encourage dads to come together to help other fathers help their children. The group are encouraging any men in a father role in Westwood Park, Alder Park, New Lane, Peel Green and Brookhouse to come forward – not just dads, but stepdads, granddads, uncles and brothers.

Anyone interested in getting involved can contact John Horrocks, Development Worker at Unlimited Potential, on 07795 284146.

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