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Video: 20 firefighters tackle 20th floor Salford high-rise blaze

Firefighters are dealing with a blaze high up in a tower block on Salford precinct.

It was initially reported there may have been someone inside the 20th floor flat at Briar Hill Court shortly before 9pm tonight, but no-one is thought to have been seriously injured.

Crews were called to Briar Hill Way to reports of a flat well-alight.

Briar Hill Court ablaze over Pendleton - By Eddie Smith

Briar Hill Court ablaze over Pendleton – By Eddie Smith

Video from the scene was swiftly posted on Twitter, with user @BriggsySRD90 tagging @SalfordOnline as it raged through the block towering over Salford Shopping City.

The smoke could be seen up to half a mile away in the late summer sun.

20 firefighters were actively fighting the fire, as spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire said.

North West Fire Control had taken multiple calls about the highly visible fire in the densely populated shopping area of Pendleton.

Paramedics were treating residents from several flats who “self-evacuated” as black smoke drifted through the block.

North West Ambulance and Greater Manchester Police are on scene.

Multiple readers sent in pictures and messages through Twitter and Facebook.

It’s believed the cause of the fire may be a pan of food left on cooker but crews are still invetigating.

By 9.38pm safety checks were being carried out on flats above and below and to either side.

Three fire crews are automatically dispatched to tower block fires.

Another two crews joined to tackle the blaze and as of 10.35pm remain on scene.

Update: In total 20 residents were evacuated.

A man and a woman most seriously affected by smoke were taken to Salford Royal hospital for further treatment.

Two residents have had to be rehoused from affected flats.

Greater Manchester Police are now assessing the damage.

Main image by @fluffy8

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