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Urban Nature by Blaney ticks all the boxes

Salford musician and all round character Ed Blaney has finally painted his masterpiece with the release of Urban Nature, ten tracks of pure pleasure.

Ed is a regular feature on the Salford music scene, orgainising the Salford Music Festival, playing in several bands, Trigger Happy, Red Star and working on projects with Mark E Smith who appears on several tracks on Urban Nature.

Ably assisted by Jim Watts, Ric Gibbs and Garry Lewis the band hit the ground running with opening track High on You, a rocking number that is tightly held together by the band.

Poison Fishes is another stomper showing Ed’s vocals have aged well over the years.

Appearances by Ed’s daughter Bianca on Diamonds and Jenny Shuttleworth in the mix is an inspired revelation, especially on the folksy track, Secrets.

Mark E Smith does loom over this album but not to the degree that I thought it would, no bad thing in my opinion, he features on Thinking of You, The Coat, and Time for you to Go.

Rude all the Time really shows Ed blasting it out, Primal Scream style and really showing that he can cut the mustard.

I was lucky enough to see the band live at The Pacifica in Eccles a few weeks ago when they did a selection of tracks from the album and what impressed me most was the tightness of the band, it would be unfair to credit any particular member but this is the best I have heard the boys sound in a long time.

Ed is the ideal frontman with that Salford stage swagger and blistering vocal tone and I can’t see any reason why the band shouldn’t take a step up into the big league.

I would urge anybody with a love of urban, gritty, tuneful music to buy the album its a cracker and the boys are from Salford and thats what counts it gets a rock solid 10 out of 10 from me.

Urban Nature is available to buy at HMV, Rough Trade, Action Records and most good music stores in both vinyl and CD format and direct from Ed’s website

I think the stars are all in alignment and its Ed’s turn to shine.

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