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Eccles residents left in the dark after power failure

Residents of Cremer House, Eccles were left in the dark last night when a power failure left them without electricity for seven hours.

The electricity unexpectedly went off at 9.30pm, causing many elderly residents to panic.

The lifts were out of order and some residents walked down eight flights of stairs to the main entrance hall to try and gather information.

Workmen arrived at 11.30pm to repair the damage and a temporary generator was used to restore power which came on at 4.30am today, Thursday, 30 June.

One concerned resident, Ali Cassim told us, “I was sat watching television went the power went off, leaving the block in total darkness, I had my washing machine on at the time, which was unlucky for me.

“My main concern was for the elderly residents, I called at several flats to check that they were OK, some were obviously distressed as you can imagine.

“I went outside and spoke to other residents who were equally confused, sadly many of them had to walk down several flights of stairs in the darkness.

“I have an 80 year old neighbour who needed a cup of tea, I brought her into my flat and chatted to her for a while, its the elderly I feel really sorry for.

“Obviously we were all relieved when the power came back on, however we still have no hot water or heating in the flats and nobody from City West has been to the flats to inform us of what is happening and hopefully normal service will be resumed today, and I hope that the food in my freezer is still edible”

A spokesman for City West said that they are aware of the situation and are working with their customers and will keep them updated on progress.

Electricty North West released the following statement today.

13 properties at Cremer House, Regent Street, in Eccles were affected by a power cut at approximately 10pm last night caused by an underground cable fault.

Our engineers quickly attended the site and connected a temporary generator at around 10:30pm to restore power whilst working to repair the fault.

Engineers are still onsite working to repair the fault and customers may experience a short interruption when engineers disconnect the generator and restore them back to normal supply at around 4pm today.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If customers would like any further information, they can call us on 0800 195 4141 or tweet @ElectricityNW.

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