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Tony LLoyd responds as faith leaders issue powerful statement against hate crime

Responding to a powerful statement against hate crime made by Greater Manchester’s faith and community leaders, the region’s Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd said:
“The recent rise in hate crime is worrying, which is why it is more important than ever that the vast majority of decent people who make Greater Manchester great stand together.

“We stand together against hatred, intolerance and racism. But we also stand together for cohesion, tolerance and optimism. I met with our faith and community leaders earlier this week and find it incredibly encouraging that they are all willing to support each other to shine a light in the darkness. I strongly support their powerful message of hope and inclusion.

“Greater Manchester has always been a place which welcomes people from across the world. People of all faiths – and none – are welcome here. People of all colours and creeds call Greater Manchester home. Together we can and must send out a strong and united message of hope.

“That is what Greater Manchester is – a place of hope. That is who we are – a people united.

“Hate crime devastates lives, so it is incredibly important that people know they will be supported if they report it to police. Along with police and partner agencies, we have been reviewing the effectiveness of Greater Manchester’s network of independent hate crime reporting centres. In the light of the upturn in abuse that people face, this work will now be accelerated.

“I would urge anyone who is a victim of hate crime to come forward and report it to police. You will be listened to, you will be taken seriously. You can report online by visiting www.report-it.org.uk, by calling police on 101. If you don’t feel comfortable going to the police, the independent centres will report the incident to police on your behalf. You can find details of these centres at www.gmp.police.uk/hatecrime.”

Read the faith leaders’ statement here

Main photo courtesy of The Diocese of Manchester, Church of England

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