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Watch: Animal health campaign spotlights the dangers of lungworm

Watch this video to find out about Honey, who was temporarily paralysed after contracting the potentially fatal-lungworm parasite and her search to find a loving ‘forever home’

In 2015, Honey, an adorable Dogue De Bordeaux cross, contracted the potentially fatal parasite lungworm, which dogs become infected with after eating slugs and snails.

Luckily Honey survived, but she was left temporarily paralysed. Sadly, her devastated family were forced to leave her in the care of Millennium Vets in Essex, where she could get the care and help she needed to get better.

Now, after months of round the clock care, physio and hydrotherapy, she is on the road to recovery and, although still a bit wobbly, is back on her feet and looking for a new family to give her a much longed for ‘forever home’.

The Bayer ‘Be Lungworm Aware’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the parasite, and how lungworm can be prevented. The campaign raises awareness to dog owners that the quarterly treatment applications cannot prevent lungworm, monthly administration is needed.

The campaign is supporting Honey by providing treatment and food while she is looked after by the Millennium Vets, and they will also pay for her veterinary costs for the first year after she is adopted.

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