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Boothstown Councillor warns community after thieves steal her driveway

Boothstown and Ellenbrook Councillor Jillian Collinson has warned residents to stay vigilant after thieves stole part of her driveway.

The perpetrators made off with around two square metres of York Stone from the conservative councillor’s front garden at her home in Worsley.

Collinson was sleeping when the theft occurred and made the discovery on the morning of Thursday 4 August, she said: “I can’t quite believe it.

“I’m so upset and I feel violated.”


This incident comes after a recent spate of burglaries in the area which resulted in Councillor Bob Clarke saying that residents are living “in fear”.

Cllr Clarke told SalfordOnline.com about the fifth car being stolen in five weeks on the Moorings Estate in Boothstown last month.

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Residents in the area are also thought to be considering hiring their own private security, something Collinson can sympathise with: “I am thinking about cameras and floodlighting as the issue seems to be spiking.”

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Collinson has only just recently moved into her new home and she has some advice for locals:

“Protect your property as best as you can and listen out for any unusual noises.

“These are big slabs so it must be two, three or four people together.

“Also, look out for people wearing yellow high vis jackets, they usually get ignored by members of the public and they may not necessarily be legitimate workmen!”

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