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Watch: Top 10 safest used cars on UK roads revealed

Co-op Insurance, Thatcham – the UK’s official crash test centre – and road safety charity Brake rank the safest second hand cars on the market.

Over 7 million used cars are sold every year in the UK in a market now worth £45 billion. Within this, second-hand car sales outstrip new car sales by three to one – making their safety features incredibly important.

But do we as drivers consider safety when buying second-hand? Research suggests not, with more than half of car buyers didn’t ask any questions about safety features on their current motor and only 4% say they placed car safety at the top of their buying criteria.

Over the years, huge technological advances have been made to driver, passenger and pedestrian safety – which is measured by Thatcham research – yet less than one in 10 asked about the safety star rating when buying their car.

The Co-op is committed to community issues and so have teamed up with Thatcham – the UK’s official crash test centre – to devise a formula ranking Britain’s safest used cars, giving drivers everything they need when choosing the safest car for their families whilst improving road safety in local communities.

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