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Watch: Salford MP on Corbyn ‘heartbreak’ and Labour Party Conference

Salford and Eccles MP Rebecca Long-Bailey speaks ahead of this Saturday’s Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

Around 11,000 party members are expected to descend on the annual party meeting this weekend.

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We’ll find out who has won the Labour leadership contest, with Jeremy Corbyn expected to triumph over challenger Owen Smith.

The result will be announced live on Labour’s Facebook page at around 11.45am on Saturday morning.

Long-Bailey said: “I think all Labour MPs, whoever wins tomorrow, need to realise that we’ve got to get behind the leader of the party and start fighting this horrific government which is completely destroying our communities.

“Obviously I want Jeremy [Corbyn] to win and I’ll be bouncing off the walls if he does, but even if he doesn’t we’ve got a duty on us to get behind whoever is elected and get rid of this government as quickly as possible.”

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