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Running start for Beat the Street in Salford

Almost 4,000 people in Salford have ran, walked and cycle more than 3,300 miles for Beat the Street – a free competition that challenges people to run, walk and cycle as far as possible.

Running from 28 September to 16 November, Beat the Street is transforming Salford into a giant playground. On lampposts across the borough are special ‘Beat Boxes’.

Players are encouraged to pick up a Beat the Street card at their nearest GP surgery, leisure centre or library and tap the Beat Boxes as they walk, run or cycle through Salford – collecting points for how far they travel.

Adult players must collect and register a Beat the Street card and join a team before tapping at least two of these Beat Boxes in an hour to score points. Schoolchildren will receive special fobs from their school and can take part to help their school win some amazing sport and fitness prizes

The three teams that travel the furthest overall and per person will win big prizes. Currently in the lead for total miles travelled are Lewis Street Primary who have walked, ran and cycled more than 400 miles in only seven days.

The school is in with a chance to win £500 worth of sport and fitness equipment from Decathlon – but it is still all to play for.

This initiative is run in Salford by Intelligent Health on behalf of Transport for Greater Manchester and GreaterSport. Beat the Street is designed to inspire whole communities to get moving. Tens of thousands of people have already taken part in Beat the Street in other towns and cities across the UK.

Chief Executive of Salford Community Leisure said: “Beat the Street has got off to a running start in Salford. We are delighted to see so many people walking, running and cycling for the competition. There is still time to get involved – pick up a card from your GP surgery, leisure centre or library and start tapping!”

Want to get involved in Beat the Street? Visit beatthestreet.me/Salford to find out more about the game and how to get involved

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