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Spotted: Deer roaming gardens in Little Hulton – wildlife experts say ‘enjoy it’!

Wildlife experts have asked local residents to keep an eye out after young roe deer were spotted wandering into gardens in Little Hulton.

The reddish-brown roe deer are breeding at the moment so you may well see younger fawns following their mothers around.

Deer can be skittish if approached, but they don’t bite and aren’t dangerous creatures, said Graeme Barnes from Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

If spotted should people call the RSPCA or police?

“There is no need to call anyone, we would encourage people to just enjoy it. We would ask people to make sure that they don’t let any dog(s) chase it, or children go up to it to frighten it.

What is best for the wellbeing of the deer?

“The biggest threat in a built-up area (apart from people interfering with them) is most likely to be traffic accidents.

“It is possible this is a young deer that has lost its mother in a road traffic accident and is wandering.

“But at this size it should survive without its parent.  We would recommend making sure it had an exit, observe from a distance, and leave it alone.

deer in garden

If it is scared and trapped in the garden what should homeowners do?

“If it got into the garden it can most likely get out.

“Sometimes youngsters do get trapped in fences or gates (mother jumps, youngster tries to go through).  In which case it is likely to make a loud distress call.

“In this case call someone out – the RSPCA would be the best.

Deer have long lived in Blackleach Country Park in Walkden but in summer can travel large distances looking for food.

In 2012 a SalfordOnline.com reader caught on video camera this deer which had roamed as far as Salford precinct in Pendleton.

Deer tend to travel in packs of three or four, so if one runs across a road, more can follow.

And if you’re driving near woodland in Clifton, Walkden or Little Hulton, deer can suddenly appear before you have time to brake.

Experts also warn drivers not to swerve to avoid colliding with the animals, as a collision with oncoming traffic could be worse.

Rush hour commuters were warned over a crash risk in Walkden in May when a pair of roe deer were running loose around Bridgewater Road.

If you do happen to hit one do not approach it. Instead please call Greater Manchester Police on 101.

Pictures by Mandy Burgess

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