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Readers’ Pictures: Top 5 Salford sunsets

Settled weather in Salford over the Bank Holiday weekend produced some stunning sunsets.

Here’s our pick of the best five photographs, all posted to the 13,000-member SalfordOnline.com Facebook group.

1. Chris Cookson – Looking down Liverpool Street with the famous Salford Gasworks to the left

Chris Cookson - looking down liverpool Street gasworks on the left

2. Jennifer Eyres – Outside ISIS Hotel and Restaurant from Bolton Road in Swinton

jennifer eyres - outside ISIS swinton

3. Ellie Billie McBride

Ellie Billie McBride

4. Zoe Wilson – Looking out over the roofline in Clifton

Zoe Wilson - Clifton

5. Claire Beckie – An Eccles sunset reflected in the windows

Claire Beckie


The science behind these stunning colours is down to our old friend, the Rayleigh scattering effect.

When the sun is at a low angle, as it is at sunset, the light from the sun has a long way to travel through the atmosphere before it reaches your eye.

Increasing concentrations of small particles in the lower atmosphere further increase Rayleigh scattering to shift the hues towards the red end of the visible light spectrum.

The larger distance amplifies the effect so that the violets and blues in sunlight are lost, leaving you with shades of yellows, oranges, reds, and sometimes even purple.

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