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Rolls Royce unveil Serenity

Every Rolls-Royce is special, nearly every customer desires extraordinary distinguishing features to make their car completely unique.

Fulfilling these requests falls to the marque’s Bespoke design department; a collective of the automotive world’s finest designers, engineers and craftspeople.

This approach has distinguished Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for over a century, with today’s methods echoing the age of the coachbuilder when customers purchased their chassis and engine before sending it away to be bodied to their exacting specifications. From the finest detailing to the boldest statement, customers work in close collaboration with the team to realise their desires. Inspiration can come from anywhere; whether it is a request to perfectly match the exterior finish to a favourite garment or a more elaborate creation that seeks to tell a story, no idea is left unexplored.

With an unparalleled scope for personalisation, Bespoke is very much the jewel in the crown of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ unique brand promise. Indeed, Bespoke is Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II at a glance

Phantom’s striking and modern front best encapsulates the essence of changes that lie beneath:

• A modern front face, featuring rectangular LED headlamp clusters, indicator strip and new front bumper design

• The first car manufacturer to offer full LED headlamps as standard, incorporating curve light functionality and adaptive headlamps for enhanced road illumination

• New single piece grille surround for Phantom Drophead Coupé and Phantom Coupé; colour coded grille surround offered as an option

• Three new wheel finishes available across the range

• Redesigned rear bumper for Phantom Saloon incorporating polished stainless steel highlight and new seat flute design across the range

Sublime and effortless: enhanced assistance, connectivity and infotainment systems:

• Fully updated satellite navigation system featuring 3D map display and landscape topography, satellite view, guided tours, enhanced points of interest and composite route planning function

• Larger control centre display and eight functional bookmarks in chrome for easy selection of key functions

• New chrome rotary controller, flanked by function keys including menu, navigation and telephone

• Enhanced assistance provided by camera system, featuring top view, automatic rear path prediction and split-front view

• Smart phone cradle, 12V and USB port in centre console; abundant hard drive for storing music accessible via additional glove compartment USB port

Excellence in engineering and pinnacle performance:

• New 8-speed automatic gearbox and rear differential, complement peerless direct injection V12 engine improving performance and serene Phantom ride experience

• Fuel consumption improves by 10 percent across the range; CO2 emissions down from 385 to 347g/km

• Enhancements to Phantom’s lightweight aluminium spaceframe, including the addition of brace bars for optional Phantom Saloon dynamic package featuring stiffer suspension, visible exhausts, thicker steering wheel, alternative gearbox tuning and linear braking characteristics

• Front door side pockets now slightly smaller, due to the addition of a crash pad, for more even distribution of forces in a 30° side-impact pole tests

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