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Watch: Children leave parents red faced an average of 576 times

The average child will embarrass their mum and dad a staggering 576 times during their school years, according to new research.

Inappropriate comments, repeating swear words and commenting on their parents’ size lead to frequent red faces.

A survey of 2,000 parents by George at Asda revealed some toe-curling moments, including:

* A little girl who told the doctor “mummy takes medicine too – it’s called Malibu”

* A child pointing at a neighbour in the street and announcing loudly: “there’s that strange woman you don’t like”

* A plain-speaking tot who warned her grandparents “you’re going to die soon”

* A youngster telling her neighbours “mummy doesn’t like your new windows”

* A little boy who answered the call of nature in a display toilet in a busy home improvement store

* One mum who was left red-faced when she re-used an unwanted gift for her child’s friend – only for her nipper to shout “that’s mine” when it was opened

* One child who was fascinated by an old lady with a headscarf and shouted: “Mummy, why is that monkey wearing a hat?”

One mum, Fran Roost, 28, from Clevedon, Somerset, told how an off-the-cuff remark about the birds and the bees with her five-year-old daughter Darcie came back to bite her.

She said: “She asked me how babies got in mummies tummies and I said ‘it happens when you eat too many Polos.

“The next day we saw a pregnant lady at a bus stop. Darcie walked up to her and said ‘I know what you’ve been doing’.”

A spokesman for Kidswear at George, which carried out the study to mark the launch of its new back-to-school range, said: “While parents are regularly being left red-faced by their children, the chances are they are left with funny memories.

“Parenting doesn’t come without challenges but they always leave a lasting memory to reminisce on years down the line.

“We’re sure the list of embarrassing situations will put a smile on the faces of many – and positive many will have committed these acts themselves when they were younger.

“But as long as mum and dad are prepared for a little humiliation once in a while, they’re sure to have a great time being a parent.”

More than half of parents admitted their children often leave them feeling humiliated in front of friends, loved ones and people they’ve not even met.

Pointing out an over-weight strangers size is a common occurrence for parents as is leaving the school gates looking a rather ‘dishevelled’.

Some mums are left feeling mortified when their offspring point out a grey hair in public or make the world around them aware “that lady is old”.

But if you spot someone you’d rather avoid, think again, because children often make a habit of shouting out to people you know but are trying to dodge.

The typical school aged child has already left poor mum and dad cringing at least twice in the last month alone.

One in 10 parents said the cause was the offspring weeing in entirely inappropriate places.

Asking strangers what they are doing, smashing items in a shop and digging out private medication or tampons and asking what they are, are also regular embarrassing moments for parents.

Four in 10 parents suggest the best remedy for getting out of a humiliating situation involving their kids is to just ignore them.

While one third opt for giving their offspring a telling off – one in 10 choose to distance themselves from the child and pretend they aren’t with them.

The spokesman added: “We completely understand that many parents would want the ground to swallow them up when their child is acting up in public.

“Our back to school range offers cost-effective solutions for parents who are looking for a wide range of products at affordable prices, without forgoing quality.

“We’re hoping that’s one less thing for parents to worry about when another embarrassing situation looms.”

George school uniforms, which include a 100-day guarantee, start at just #2 per item and can be found online at: http://direct.asda.com/george/school-uniform/D10,default,sc.html


1. Repeat a swear word
2. Stare at strangers
3. Comment on parent’s size or weight
4. Mispronounce a word to accidentally make it rude
5. Scream at the top of their voices in public places
6. Point out a stranger’s size or weight
7. Ask where babies come from in front of friends and strangers
8. Ask about ‘private parts’
9. Remark on a stranger’s age
10. Leave school looking ‘dishevelled’
11. Point out mum or dad’s grey hair
12. Wee in inappropriate places
13. Shout out when they spot someone they know and the parent is trying to avoid
14. Open a changing room curtain when a stranger is getting dressed inside
15. Ask a stranger what they’re doing
16. Tell a teacher about private family issues
17. Answer the home telephone but not say anything
18. Smash an item in the shop
19. Talk very loudly about mum or dad’s age
20. Take medication or tampons out of the cupboards and ask what they are.

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