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Watch: Are ‘ugly’ divorces becoming a thing of the past?

Nearly two-thirds of divorced Brits say they wanted to remain friends with their ex-partner after splitting up, while less than one in five divorces are acrimonious, according to research released today.

One in five divorcees say they didn’t believe there had to be bitter dispute to end the marriage and it was perfectly acceptable to get a divorce because it just didn’t feel right anymore.

The most common reasons for divorce are now growing apart and falling out of love, ahead of fighting, and infidelity.

Instead of lengthy and aggressive court battles new research has revealed that 64 per cent of separated couples said they wanted to have a good relationship with their ex after their divorce and just 28 per cent saying they aren’t interested in staying civil with their ex.

Most respondents (68 per cent) said they would be happy to spend time with their ex and more than a third said they would even feel comfortable going on a family holiday with their ex.

Divorce lawyers at Slater and Gordon have seen an increase in couples making an effort to remain cordial throughout their separation prompting them to commission the research of 1,603 recently divorced Brits.

One in five divorcees say they believed there doesn’t have to be a bitter dispute to end a marriage and it’s perfectly acceptable to get a divorce because it just doesn’t feel right anymore.

Our video features Amanda McAlister, Practise Group Leader, Family Law at Slater & Gordon…

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