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Passover warning after Salford’s family gas poisoning scare

Firefighters have issued a plea to the Jewish community asking them to take care during Passover after one Salford family almost suffered carbon monoxide poisoning.

Crews from Broughton and Manchester Central were called to a detached house in Salford at 8.50pm on Tuesday 31 March when a family’s carbon monoxide alarm went off.

Firefighters ventilated the property to allow the gas to escape.

Two adults and four children were in the house at the time and were lucky not to be hurt.

Watch Manager Dave Campbell, Green Watch Broughton, said: “The family had been preparing food ready for Passover and had covered their cooker with tinfoil which we believe caused the flame not to burn properly, which produced the carbon monoxide.

“Our advice is for people to follow the instructions provided with their cooking appliances and allow natural ventilation to take place in their homes.

Speaking on behalf of Manchester Beth Din, Rabbi Hillel Royde said: “We would like to thank Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service for bringing this incident to the attention of our community.

“I would ask that their advice is followed.”

Carbon monoxide can be fatal in extreme circumstances and other symptoms include: headaches, dizziness and nausea so people may think that they have flu.

Advice issued by the fire services says that if you experience symptoms you should go for fresh air immediately – open doors and windows, turn off gas appliances and leave the house and see your doctor or go to hospital and let them know that you think it could be carbon monoxide poisoning.

More information about how to stay safe at home and Carbon Monoxide can be found on the GMFRS website

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