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Did you see the upside down rainbow over Salford?

If you had your eyes to the skies over Salford yesterday you may have spotted a curious upside-down, half-rainbow – and it wasn’t even raining.

Janette Burke was sitting in her sunny back garden at Carina Place in Lower Broughton when she snapped the strange phenomenon.

Known as a circumzenithal arc, these upside-down rainbows only appear very high in the sky and are not often visible to the naked eye.

It takes a special combination of atmospheric conditions to produce them: when sunlight reflects off ice crystals held in thin or wispy cirrus clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere.

SalfordOnline.com has been able to publish some stunning sunsets over Salford because of its epic skyline, good vantage points and keen photography enthusiasts.

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The best of this week’s sunsets are in our gallery below.

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