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SalfordOnline is a Community Interest Company providing up to date news, videos and lifestyle features for and about the Salford community.

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We are a totally independent editorial voice, and not funded by the city council or any political party.

There are two easy ways to get involved in SalfordOnline. You can join as a member and post anything you like as a comment, quick thoughts on the Blog Page, or full articles on any subject on the Articles page.

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Our Team

Editor: Brian Everall
Contact: editor@salfordonline.com

News and Features Editor: Tom Rodgers
Contact: tom@salfordonline.com

Profile: Tom has been a librarian, a proofreader and a presenter at a Christian radio station, but is most happy now when he's shooting and editing video and meeting local people. He is from Stoke, but try not to hold that against him.

Local History Editor/Reporter: Tony Flynn
Contact: tonyflynn@salfordonline.com

Profile: Tony Flynn is a well known local historian who has written many books about Salford and Eccles on such diverse subjects as Cinemas, Music Halls, Public Houses, also areas of Salford long demolished, such as Hanky Park and Cross Lane.

He regularly gives talks to various Local History Societies in the area, also doing conducted historical walks around Salford and Eccles for Salford Council and The Chapel Street Business Group.

For the last two years he has worked for The Salford Film Festival doing an illustrated talk on the History Of The Cinema in Salford, whilst last year he promoted and introduced a long lost film classic, Cup Fever by The Childrens Film Foundation which was filmed in Eccles and Manchester in 1966.

His work has been published in such publications as The New Manchester Review, Whats Doing and The Salford Star, also having been a guest on BBC Radio Manchester and Salford City Radio.

Finally he co-hosts and organises Salford Salutes Dylan, a charity fundraising event for schools in the Salford area where local musicians play their interpretations of Dylan songs which has been running for four years.

He says that he is longing to receive his long-overdue knighthood so that he can send it back.