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Solidarity with the victims of HillsboroughSolidarity with the victims of Hillsborough
We have received this article from Aslan AK who is the frontman for local band Class Actions, here he gives us his views on the ou...
Our Worst NightmareOur Worst Nightmare
By Peter Kilvert. A press release from the Breathe Clean Air Group.
Social services
How wrong can they be
Save Disability Living AllowanceSave Disability Living Allowance
The Community Action Party's campaign to save "Disability Living Allowance."
Rent a womb
John Randle, head of the Fertility team at Lester Aldridge LLP
An interesting predicament for LabourAn interesting predicament for Labour
Civil unrest, but who would you turn to?
Save Disability Living AllowanceSave Disability Living Allowance
Petition for saving "Disability Living Allowance"
 Barclays food speculators Barclays food speculators
By Councillor Jim King The Co-operative Party Salford has today condemned Barclays Capital for speculating on food for the sta...
Community Action Party condemns attacks on Disability Living AllowanceCommunity Action Party condemns attacks on...
The Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party Michael Moulding has submitted a government epetition opposing the abolition of Di...
Affordable live music in eccles.
Live music at Smiths Restaurant, every tuesday.
Well Done !! Great Day had by all, Help for heroes family day fund day raiser.Well Done !! Great Day had...
A massive well done to all fund raisers volunteers and organisers.
Local trader takes advantage of...
Kings Bathrooms of Salford acquires a soiled reputation with this community website
Salford Council's Home to School Transport FurySalford Council's Home to School Transport...
The Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party Michael Moulding has received information that as the new school year is about to ...
A message left for visitors to Salford this morning.A message left for visitors to...
A message left for visitors to...Sorry, no description available.
Watch Dog not watching pollutersWatch Dog not watching polluters
By Peter Kilvert The Environment Agency has admitted that it does NOT carry out unannounced visits to undertake chimney stack g...
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