Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most frequently asked questions, if your query isn't answered here then please contact us at

Why should I become a member?
Membership is free and gives you full, unlimited access to the site. You can create a profile, post comments on articles, join the debate on features, utilise the forthcoming classifieds section, send mail to other members, create a club or association, post events, send postcards, share photographs, post photos into the community archive, enter competitions and much, much more.

How do I become a member?
Currently there are two forms of membership on SalfordOnline: Personal and Business. Either of these gives you full access to the site to add content, manage your facilities and receive mail. The Business membership is designed for local companies to alert our members to their services using our forthcoming Business Directory - a searchable resource to find local businesses. Both forms of membership are free of charge.

Who uses my member information?
SalfordOnline does not allow any third party access to our member's database. You can be assured that becoming a member of SalfordOnline will not get you inundated with unsolicited mail, random phone calls or spam - you might make some new friends though.

Is SalfordOnline affiliated with any local Newspapers or the local authority?
No. We have no ties with any of the newspapers, local or national. We are not run or funded by the council. We are an independent company.

Who writes for SalfordOnline?
You do. The community. Local businesses, Local Authority and Local People all submit articles and features to the various sections of our site, but the most important contributor of all is you.

If I see inappropriate of offensive content on the site, what should I do?
Report it immediately. There are two ways of doing this. For every posting from another member you will see a symbol. Pushing this will alert the editorial team of a problem. This is anonymous and discreet, allowing us to quickly manage the vast amount of information available on our site. Alternatively you can inform the editorial team at with full details of your query.

If you have any complaints over the material posted by the editorial team, please contact the editor at

What new sections are planned for SalfordOnline?
In the pipeline we have many new features including free classified ads, dating service, networking, employment, consumer reviews, lifestyle, nightlife and many more. We will also be expanding the Business, Law and Order, Entertainment, What's On, Education and Student's Sections to contain more content and more features.

Where can I get help on how to use SalfordOnline?
We have tried to make SalfordOnline as easy to use as possible. However, listed below are instructions on how to use some our most common features.

Creating a profile:
You can create a profile anywhere you see the 'Sign Up' button or by clicking here.

You will be presented with two options: become a personal member or a business member. Personal membership is for people and Business membership is for Businesses. Each creates a profile page suited to our member community or our business community but both give you full access to all the sites features.

Once you have decided which type of profile best suits you, you will be asked to fill in your details in an online form. Here you can also post images and give further information on yourself or your company. You can link to an external webpage here too.

For a good example of a member profile: Click Here

Posting comments on Articles:
Provided you are signed in, you will be presented with the opportunity to comment on any article in the News, Education, Business, Law and Order and Entertainment Sections. You can also post comments on many other sections in the photo archives.

Posting an image:
When logged on and browsing the image galleries you can see an 'Upload My Image' button. Pressing this allows you to post an image from your computer. First give it a title; this might be the road it was taken on, the contents or anything else that tells other members what the image is. Follow this with a description of the photograph. Now select a catergory where you think the image would be best placed and click the browse button. Now you can find the image on your computer, select it and press 'Submit'.

Your image is now posted to be shared with all our members.

Posting an Event:
If you're club, society or organisation has an event which you would like to make our readers aware of you can go to the what's on section, select the geographical area you would like the event to appear in then click 'search' . Now you can click 'Post an Event'. This will add your event to that geographical area.

First select the date of the event and then a suitable title. Now type some description of the event in the event text box. This might include ticket costs, contact details, venue, purpose of event. You can add an image to your event by clicking 'Browse' and locating a suitable image from your computer.

Click 'Add Notice' and the event is now posted.

Adding a Club or Society
From the menu select 'Clubs and Reunions'. Provided you are logged on you can see a button marked 'Create Club'. Click this button to take you to the club creation process. This will present you with a form to fill out the details of your club. You can add contact details, email, images and even link to your club's main website - if you have one. Once the club is created you can click on the 'My Clubs' Button to edit or add additional content to your club. You can post notices, events and images.

For a good example of a club utilising all our facilities: Swinton Art Club

Send an Internal Email
You can send an internal Email in one of two ways. Whenever you see this symbol you can click on it to send that member an email. Alternatively, if you know the member name you wish to mail, you can click 'Compose' from your mailbox and send a mail directly.

If you require any further assistance or are having a specific problem please contact us at