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'Family friendly' Evangelical Church - Roe Green
Welcome to our website Roe Green Church is situated in a quaint village just off the East Lancaster Rd, Manchester. We have been established since 1808 and have seen many changes and developments over the years. We are a mixed age group, and always give a warm welcome to visitors.

Web: http://www.roegreenchurch.colsal.org.uk

Acorn Centre for Sport and Arts
The Acorn Centre is a Space for Sport & the Arts Facility in Irlam. It is attached to two Primary Schools, Moorfield Community Primary School & St Joseph’s RC Primary School who use the facility during school hours for PE lessons and arts activities.

Web: http://www.acorncentre.colsal.org.uk

Animals in Distress
Animals in Distress, the charity that cares 24 hours a day, is located in Irlam, Greater Manchester. ,
For more information and details of how YOU can help please visit our website

Web: http://www.animals-in-distress.net

Art Group based in Roe Green
We are a small group of amateur but enthusiastic artists, mainly retired people, who meet every Tuesday from 1.00pm until 3.00pm at the Beesley Green Community Centre.
This is a happy, sociable group and anyone interested in joining us would be very welcome.

Web: http://www.roegreenartclub.colsal.org.uk

Bob Dylan appreciation society (local fund raiser)
SALFORD SALUTES DYLAN is a celebration of BOB DYLAN by local fans, singers and musicians. It is a series of events held in England's north country fair, in the city of SALFORD , within easy Judas! shouting distance of the site of the Manchester Free Trade Hall.

Web: http://www.dylansal.colsal.org.uk

Boothstown Community Website
The original Boothstown Web Site. Everything you need to know about the history and modern story of Boothstown, UK

Web: http://www.boothstown.com

Canon Williamson C of E High School
This unofficial site is a must for pupils old and new and has been created by "old boy" John Batty. Previously known as "Eccles Church of England Secondary School" and "Brookhouse C of E Secondary Modern", the school has been responsible for the education of thousands of pupils.

Web: http://www.eccles-brookhousecofe.4t.com/

Charlestown and Lower Kersal History Group
We are part of The Gemini Group and encourage new members who are over 50 and from the East Salford area. They have been going since 2005 and have a core membership of 20-30 local residents,
The group looks at the health and well being of older people in the area, inviting them to monthly meetings to gain information,advice and guidance from various agencies.

Web: http://www.chalkhistory.colsal.org.uk/

Claremont Community Association
The Claremont Community Association is a collection of local Residents and Councillors who regularly met to Discuss / Plan / Action a range of matters arising from within the boundaries of the City of Salford ward known as Claremont. Claremont ward is bounded by the East Lancs Road and Manchester Road in the North down through Pendlebury Children’s Hospital, Swinton Park Golf course and Duncan Mathieson Playing fields in the West then via Light Oaks, Claremont, Eccles Old and Chaseley Roads along its southern edge.

Web: http://www.claremontcommunityassociation.colsal.org.uk

Community Learning Partnership
The Community Learning Partnership is made of representatives from organisations in the community and voluntary sector in Salford who have come together to share good practice and promote learning in the city.

Web: http://www.clp.colsal.org.uk

Eccles Festival Committee
Eccles Festival Committee is a group of volunteers that organises events for the town of Eccles, Greater Manchester. Currently we run a Festival each September and a series of carboot sales during the summer months. We welcome new volunteers to help - even if only a limited commitment is possible. The aim of the September Festival is to bring together the local community and its groups, as well as to entertain people.

Web: http://www.ecclesfestival.colsal.org.uk/

Eccles Great War Memorial Site
Dedicated to the the fallen service men of Eccles, Lancashire who died in The Great War. The site contains several rolls of honour and various other pieces of information..

Web: http://freespace.virgin.net/paul.cesnav/index.htm

Eccles Parish Church
Welcome to the website for Eccles Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin; an ancient church with a modern welcome for all.

Web: http://www.ecclesparishchurch.co.uk/index_go.htm

Ellesmere Park Residents Association
The official web site of the Ellesmere Park Residents Association

Web: http://www.epra.freeuk.com/index.htm

Ellesmere Sports Club
The Ellesmere Sports Club is set in idyllic countryside in the heart of Worsley and within easy reach of the motorway network. The club is proud of its traditions and sport has been played on the grounds since the mid-Victorian period.

Web: http://www.ellesmeresportsclub.co.uk/

Forever Remembered
Unlike conventional Books of Remembrance, Forever Remembered is dedicated to providing more than just a record of a person's death. Now you can share the memory of their achievements, their families, friends, hobbies, anything and everything that will add colour and provide a lasting testament to their life. By using the facilities of Forever Remembered, you can preserve their memory for generations to come. Here you can store photographs, anecdotes, tributes from friends and even build up an entire family history by linking records together to form a genealogical tree that will be invaluable to your children, your grandchildren and even their grandchildren.

Web: http://www.foreverremembered.co.uk

Friends of Eccles Station (Freccles)
The aims of the group include:

* Encouraging the community to be involved in improving the station environment
* Promoting the station to the hospital, schools, colleges and local employers
* Campaigning for improved station facilities and train services.
* Promoting Eccles Station as part of an integrated transport system

Web: http://www.freccles.org.uk/

Friends of Irlam Station
Friends of Irlam Station was set up in 2005 by local residents with an interest in the train station in Irlam, supported by GMPTE and Salford City Council. Members include local residents, commuters, pupil representatives of Irlam and Cadishead Community High School, plus representatives of GMPTE, Salford City Council and Northern Rail.

Web: http://www.friendsofirlamstation.colsal.org.uk

History and Memories of the Mine Rescue Service in Lancashire
The primary aim of these Notes is to introduce The Lancashire Mines Rescue Service to those who never actually had rescue experience. However, at the same time, it is hoped that ex-rescuemen will be pleasantly reminded of their own involvement. The author has attempted to tell the story of the Rescue Service’s existence in the County, from it’s earliest days in 1908, up to the time it became non-operational in 1994. It was thought the timing was appropriate because on April 2nd. next year (2008), the Lancashire Mines Rescue Service would have been in existence for exactly 100 years.

Web: http://www.lancashireminesrescue.colsal.org.uk

Home Watch Scheme - information for residents and co-ordinators
Residents of a community possess a very specialised knowledge that even the proverbial "village bobby" would take years to acquire. A police officer might not recognise someone in your garden as a stranger,but a neighbour would. This is what Home Watch is all about.
Some residents think they shouldn't ring the police when they see something suspicious going on at a neighbours house.They don't want anyone to think they're being nosey, prying around net curtains at other people's business.
In Home Watch the residents agree that they want each other to be vigilant as far as crime is concerned. If you have the phone number of the man next door and you ring him at work to check that a removal firm should be clearing his house, who wouldn't be grateful?

Web: http://www.salfordhomewatch.colsal.org.uk