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Flats on Eccles Crown Theatre site ‘ugly and won’t work’ campaigners argue

A public meeting to air views over plans to demolish the Victorian Crown Theatre in Eccles found serious local opposition to the proposals.

The meeting was chaired by campaigner Jon Grieves, from the action group Help Save The Crown Theatre.

It took a question and answer style format where residents raised opinions and questions about the latest developments of the campaign.

Recently the planners Foregate Limited announced they want to build on the site 95 flats, and create only 44 car parking spaces.

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A common issue that was raised during the meeting was matters of parking spaces available, and concerns that the small amount of spaces could cause residents of the flats to further clog up side roads in Eccles by parking there as a cheaper alternative.

There was also concern expressed for the light the houses that back onto the Crown Theatre would receive should the plans for the seven storey flats go ahead, and the conservation of bats and other protected species that are live in the area.

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Speaking to SalfordOnline.com campaign lead Jon Grieves praised the website for its support and said: “The area just can’t cope with congestion and parking that the development will bring and the problems that all the flats will bring.

“People’s just aren’t happy with it. Nobody likes the look of the new building and they just think it’s a bit of a carbuncle.”

Salford and Eccles MP Rebecca Long Bailey has thrown her weight behind plans to save the building, but has warned over the mammoth cost of bringing it back into use.

Jon added: “Let’s save the Crown Theatre as it is. Let’s get the architects in and tidy up. Let’s show that Eccles can do it and renovate the building for public use.”

Also chairing the meeting were secretary of the campaign Sue Ness and local artist Bree Hughes, who has created artwork to help support the campaign.

Councillor Peter Wheeler, who represents Eccles, said: “I think that local people are very much supporting us.

“We want to encourage them to make their views known to the council. We’re sending a very clear message to the planning committee to say we don’t want this development.”

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