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Revive’s insurance advice for flood-hit families

Housing specialist Michelle Morrison from Revive Mortagages in Monton gives this advice in the wake of the Boxing Day floods in Salford.

While 90% of the homes affected have no form of home insurance against the damage done by floodwaters, even those who are covered may still have to fight tooth and nail to get back what they’ve lost.

Michelle writes: “Buildings and contents insurance policies cover your house against flooding and the damage caused by the water to your contents.

“But floods can be a matter of life and death and the most important thing is to get out and ensure your safety.

“Once you are safe take pictures or record the damage on your phone, this can act as proof of your contents and damage to them.

“Usually the insurers advise you not to throw any damaged items away until a Claims Assessor has spoken to you to assess your claim.

“They may ask you for receipts for proof of purchase of some items or instruction manuals, so keep as much as you can.

“Your policy or provider will tell you how much your policy covers you for and a good policy will have a provision for you move to alternative accommodation if you house is in danger.

“The amount covered depends the policy you have in place. You will need to contact your insurance provider’s claims line number, give them your details so they can find a copy your policy.

“If you use a broker they will have a copy of the policy number so contact them and ask if they have this.

“Always ensure you read your policy documents when you take out insurance or use a broker who will offer a fully advised service to ensure you are fully covered for all your needs.”

For more information about how to get home insurance from a local company contact Michelle on 0161 850 9501 or find out more at ReviveMortgages.co.uk

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