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Salford 11-18 year olds to cast vote at ballot box

Young people aged 11-18 are going to the ballot box this week to cast their vote for Salford Youth Mayor and Salford’s Member of Youth Parliament.

The election taking place in Salford schools and colleges will empower young people to choose the youth politicians who make decisions on their behalf.

The successful candidates will represent Salford’s youth to adult politicians, groups and organisations.

The successful Member of Youth Parliament, amongst other duties, will attend a national debate in the House of Commons to give a voice to the youth of Salford in parliament.

The Youth Mayor will represent Salford’s young people to Salford City Council meeting regularly with heads of service and the City Mayor and making sure the concerns of young people in Salford are kept on the table of decision makers.

Laura Edwards, MYP for 2015-16, who recently was chosen to represent England on a parliamentary panel, said “The Member of Youth Parliament and Young Mayor are elected to represent all young people in Salford, so it’s really important that all 11-18 year olds vote for who they want to represent them. I’d encourage anyone who thinks they’d be good in the role to join the Youth Council. I really enjoyed my time being MYP and know that the next MYP will do so as well.”

There are two candidates for Youth Mayor: Lewis Nelson and Mitchell Mullin. Mitchell has pledged to work to tackle bullying in Salford as a priority, whilst Lewis has pledged to campaign and pressure Salford businesses to pay the Living Wage.

For Member of Youth Parliament there are five candidates: Josh Baxter, Charlotte Godfrey, Ola Kozwolska, Wiktoria Matuszewska and Reece Williams.

Josh has promised to work on the Youth Parliament campaign ‘Don’t Hate, Educate’, Charlotte to campaign on LGBT issues as a priority, Ola to campaign for greater cultural awareness in Salford, Wiktoria to campaign for an education that prepares young people for life whilst Reece has pledged to campaign against the negative stigma young people in Salford face.

City Mayor Ian Stewart said “Decisions taken by politicians affect young people now and in the future, so it’s important that they have their say, vote in the election and make sure their voice is heard.”

“As City Mayor it has been a privilege to work with the Youth Council and past youth leaders who have clearly shown that young people of Salford do care about politics and want to help shape their future.”

“I’d like to thank them all for all their dedication and hard work over the past year and look forward to working with the new postholders.”

Young people aged 11-18 in Salford are entitled to vote in the election and can vote in school or college at a polling station or by online voting. Voting closes on Sunday February 28.

To find out more about the candidates or to vote
click here.

For more information about the Youth Council email martyn.shaw@salford.gov.uk

Main image – Laura Edwards – Salford Youth MP

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