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Hundreds to ‘die’ in Piccadilly Gardens in protest against animal testing

World Day for Animals in Laboratories will take place today (Saturday)in Manchester city centre and will see protesters throw flowers at Stopford Building in protest of their animal testing as well as a stunt of hundreds of people ‘dying’ in Piccadilly Gardens.

The annual animal rights event was established in 1979 by the British National Anti-Vivisection Society and aims to raise awareness or unethical and unscientific animal experiments and this year will focus on testing carried out at Stopford building in Manchester University.

A 300-strong march will set off from Piccadilly Gardens at 1pm and march to Stopford Bulding for a series of events which include a speech against experiments at the British Heart Foundation and a one-minute silence.

The group will then throw white flowers – as a symbol of all innocent animal lives lost in vain in flawed experiments – at Stopford Building and head back to Piccadilly Gardens for 3pm.

Back at the assembly point in Piccadilly Gardens, protested will carry out a stunt where one person falls to the group every 8 seconds to symbolise an animal dying in a British laboratory, as shown by BUAV statistics.

The ‘die-in’ stunt will result in hundreds of people lying around Piccadilly Gardens to show to the passersby how many animals lost their lives since the stunt began.

The event will have its finale at Cancer Research UK in Deansgate to raise awareness about the charity’s investment in animal testing.

Vegan food will be served at the assembly point in Piccadilly Gardens as well as at the Northern Vegan Festival, which is taking place in the city on the same day from 10am to 6pm.

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