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Watch: The Lowry to showcase haunting Salford play on tower blocks and isolation

A brand new play showing the harsh realities of a controlling relationship is set to hit the Lowry in July.

The drama, by Irlam TV screenwriter and playwright Jane McNulty, follows an older lesbian couple being forced to move from their high rise block of flats in Pendleton.

Art imitates life as Ronnie and Button share a flat which is soon to be demolished.

Plans to regenerate the area (in real life) began back in 2003; upgrades galore promised to some, while others were told their flats were in blocks that needed to be knocked down.

Jane has developed dark drama ‘A Bed of Shards’ from her original short play ‘A Hairline Crack’.

The women live in a stressful relationship with elements of control and co-dependence, but with neither one wanting to leave the other, this creates a series of problems.

The play will explore themes such as fear, control and strangley enough, teapots.

Jane said: “I wanted to show people that a controlling relationship can be seen anywhere and can affect anyone.

“The women also love teapots; they’ve bought loads of cheap ones and plan to sell them as a business, but unfortunately can’t bare to part with them.

“They are hoarders, therefore adding another element of control to the story.”

McNulty added that the home of these two characters was very important, they were cut off from the rest of the world, yet they felt comfortable where they were.

Actresses Cathy Breeze and Tigga Goulding will reignite their roles as Ronnie and Button, and will be the only two actors on stage.

McNulty said: “It will be very claustrophobic and prison-like. The audience should expect a very deep insight into the lives of two desperate people. There will be a few laughs and tears.”

Jane McNulty has been professionally writing for television for 20 years and alongside writing her own plays, organised the first ever Irlam Festival Fringe in 2015.

She said: “I feel very clsoe to these characters and comfortable writing about them. I know what their reaction would be to things and have grown to love them.”

The play will be direced by Ian Townsend and will be showing on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 July.

After Friday’s perfomance a free panel will be held by four female playwrights who will look into women’s role in theatre and beyond with an audience Q&A.

Tickets are available at The Lowry website, costing £12 for adults and £10 concession.

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