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Man hit by bus on Salford precinct escapes serious injury

A pedestrian in his late 30s was taken to hospital today after colliding with a double-decker bus on Salford precinct.

Ambulances were called to Rossall Way in Pendleton at 3.20pm on Thursday 14 July.

The man suffered an injury to his ankle and back and was taken to Salford Royal hospital.

Greater Manchester Police said the injuries were listed as minor, rather than serious.

He is expected to make a full recovery.

One passenger who was on the number 8 service explained: “[The victim] was in the road when the bus came round the roundabout.

“The driver was pulling into towards the Manchester-bound stop and she clipped him on the back, he went down face-first onto the road and his leg went under the bus.

“Police were there within two minutes as they were walking past and passengers all shouted them over.

“The ambulance arrived around 10 or 15 minutes later.

“The bus driver and all the passengers were just in shock when it happened.”

Greater Manchester Police added that no arrests were made and the case file had been closed.

A spokesperson for First Group said: “The driver is still very shaken up by this incident this afternoon in Salford.

“We understand that the pedestrian has gone to hospital to be checked over and we all obviously wish them well.

“We thank the people at the scene who were able to assist.

“We will be looking at CCTV as part of our own investigation to discover exactly what happened.”

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