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PICS/VIDEO: Thunder and lightning split the sky in Salford storm

Today Salford sun turned to humid heat, and the skies bruised dark.

Thunder clouded the air after a day of furnace-like temperatures.

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Live lightning over Salford Liam Neenham Boothstown

Lightning split the sky.

Adele Selina Odins

Annie Wharton

Adam Dickinson - Monton

The Met Office’s Chief Forecaster said: “Isolated heavy thunderstorms are expected to develop during Wednesday across parts of northern England.

“With large amounts of energy in the atmosphere, storms could be severe, with torrential downpours, gusts up to 50mph and hail up to 1cm in diameter.”

lightning salford ctattersall

Salford is enjoying its hottest day of the year so far with temperatures peaking at 30°C.

But forecasters predict a hot and increasingly humid airmass moving north bringing the threat of heavy rain which could lead to flash flooding.

A yellow weather alert for rain has now been issued for Greater Manchester.

Pictures by Claire Louise Walsh, Vicky Brown, Adam Dickinson, Liam Needham, Charlotte Tattersall, Aldele Selina Odins

Video by Claire Gill, Nadine Caruana, Annie Wharton, Chris Jones (slow-mo)

[Update] The lightning returned two days later.

In July 2014 Salford was hit by lightning storms with hundreds of readers sending in pictures and video of this incredible event.

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Forecasters had predicted hot and humid air moving up from the continent would cause torrential rain and stormy ‘Spanish plume’ weather.

The long thunderclaps started at around 3.15am on Satuday 18 July, waking locals and causing other to grab their phones and cameras to tweet and email amazing pictures to SalfordOnline.com

The storm lasted only two hours, with rain and dark skies clearing by dawn.

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