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Salford armed house raid ‘like something out of a film’

Armed police raided a house in Salford on Sunday night with residents describing the surreal scenes like something from a movie.

Police stormed onto Knutsford Street off Liverpool Street in Salford at around 9pm on Sunday 11 September.

Officers busted down one front door before bringing out one man who was wrestled to the ground and arrested.

Residents who came out to see what all the commotion was about were being ordered away from the street by police.

Nearby side streets and access to entryways were also blocked off.

One neighbour reported firearms being brought out of the terraced property in evidence bags.

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

The force have not been able to confirm or deny that firearms had been discovered or seized in the raid.

Tactical aid vans and a police dogs unit remained on Knutsford Street throughout Monday.



It follows a similar raid on a property on Chadwick Road in Eccles on Friday afternoon.

Police initially said the raid was a planned drugs warrant – and a cannabis farm and cannabis growing equipment had been found.

One local resident said: “The street always smells like [cannabis] when you walk down it so there was possibly a grow going on.

“But there were too many CID just for a cannabis farm.

“There was armed police too it was like something out of a film, I’ve never seen so many.

“One officer who pulled up took a gun out of the back of a police jeep and walked down the street with it.”

A statement is expected from Greater Manchester Police.

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