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Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership in landslide

Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour leadership contest with a landslide victory.

The chair of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committe Paddy Lillis announced the results at the party’s annual conference today in Liverpool.

Challenger Owen Smith conceded Corbyn’s win as the MP for Islington North shot ahead with 61.8% of the vote.

313,209 people voted for 67-year-old to lead the party.

Smith picked up 193,229 votes, representing 38.2% of the total vote.

Turnout in the Labour Party was 77.6%.

Corbyn told the conference: “I’m honoured to have won the vote of members who have given me the second mandate in a year to lead our party.

“Let’s now wipe the slate clean and get on with the job we have to do.”

Salford and Eccles MP and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rebecca Long-Bailey told SalfordOnline.com in the wake of the win: “I’m delighted with today’s result.

“Jeremy has again secured a clear mandate from our members to lead the party.

“I hope now we can press the reset button and all Labour MP’s rally together.

“We are elected by our constituents to fight this government’s horrific policies, so let’s get on with it!”

She had already spoken out to SalfordOnline.com ahead of the conference, urging unity between MPs.

All eyes are now on which MPs may rejoin the Shadow Cabinet.

Shopworkers’ trade union leader John Hannett has called on the newly re-elected Labour leader to reach out to MPs, end divisive activities within the Party membership and focus on winning the trust and confidence of voters.

John Hannett, Usdaw General Secretary says: “Now that the election is over the leader must heal the rifts and work to ensure that Labour is a strong and credible opposition in Parliament.

” Our party is and always has been a broad church; a place where people who don’t necessarily agree on everything are welcomed and respected. There is more that unites us than divides us.

“However, Jeremy’s challenge isn’t confined to the Parliamentary Labour Party.

“He must also reach out to the Labour Party members who didn’t vote for him, many of whom are long-standing activists who have been knocking on doors and delivering leaflets for years.

“The Labour leader must earn the confidence of our MPs, members and voters. Only with the support of all three, can a Labour leader offer real hope to the millions of people who rely on us to get rid of the Tories and their failed and divisive policies.”

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