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Salford father making a better life for his family after floods and being attacked in an armed robbery

A father of two left devastated by the Boxing Day floods and attacked during an armed robbery is working hard to create a better life for his family.

Gavin Mulryan has grasped an apprenticeship opportunity with housing provider Salix Homes, working with their 1st Response Team.

His family’s life was turned upside down when flooding ripped through their home last year – destroying items of furniture and belongings, and leaving a heart-breaking festive period to forget.

Gavin was one of an army of strong-spirted residents in Lower Broughton who united in the clean-up.

A short-time after, his life was rocked again when he was jumped upon by a group of armed robbers whilst he worked at a bookmakers.

The horrific ordeal resulted in Gavin leaving that role and looking for an opportunity that would make a better life for him and his family.

After spotting Salix Homes’ “Earn as you Learn” recruitment drive on social media, advertising an Open Day at the organisation’s headquarters in the summer, he popped along for an informal chat.

Now he is among the ranks of our 1st Response Team, who provide round-the-clock access to all housing services, but also carry out mobile patrols, respond to reports of anti-social behaviour day and night and monitor more than 600 CCTV cameras covering 28 tower blocks across Central Salford.

He joins another ten apprentices, who have taken on new 18-month apprenticeship roles, within the organisation – all studying towards NVQ level 2 qualifications.

Gavin, aged 31, who also lives in one of Salix Homes’ properties, said: “Dealing with the floods was a tough time for many families in Lower Broughton – we was waist deep in water at one stage.

“Our children had to live with grandparents for a short while my partner and I cleaned up all the devastation.

“What was incredible though was the unbelievable community spirit after the floods struck. Everyone united.

“Yes, it was a hard period of our lives, but I wanted to change all that – and that’s when I saw this opportunity.

“It’s giving me the chance to learn new qualifications while still providing an income for my family. It’s great to see a local organisation, like Salix Homes, striving to bring in more local people among its workforce.

“I’ve been made to feel very welcome here in my short time and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

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