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100 years ago in Salford: ‘Rough’ Trafford Road pub hits headlines again as woman refuses to leave

Trafford Road in Salford was a hugely vibrant place in the early part of the century due to its proximity to Salford Docks, which attracted ships and cargo from all over the world.

Trafford Road, Cross Lane and Regent Road provided plenty of pubs to quench sailors’ thirst, not to mention ladies of a colourful character who would frequent these establishments in search of male company.

The area would earn itself the nickname of The Barbary Coast in sly reference to San Francisco’s notorious red light district.

This court case from July 1915 involves a Winifred King, 35, of no fixed abode who appeared at Salford Magistrates Court charged with being drunk and refusing to leave the Trafford Hotel on Trafford Road.

The court heard that Winifred was the worse for drink and was using ‘filthy language’ in the pub.

A barman by the name of Mr Healey rather bravely asked her to leave and tried to eject her onto the road, the manager came to his assistance and was involved in a fight with her which saw his watch broken into pieces.

Eventually the police were summoned and PC Slade arrived on the scene and took her into custody.

At the police station Winifred continued to argue with the police and threatened them with violence.

The Magistrates Court heard evidence from PC Wilkinson who told the court she was abusive to everybody and would not quieten down when asked.

In her defence, Miss King told the court that the trouble arose when she passed a remark about two young girls drinking with two sailors, one of whom could not speak English.

She added that she thought it was a pity that these young girls should be drinking so much.

Furthermore one of the sailors spoke to the barman who then became violent towards her, and that she was the innocent party.

Sadly the Magistrate didn’t share her point of view and she was fined 10 shillings, a not inconsiderable sum in those days when beer was only a couple of pennies a pint.

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