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Eccles water overflow angers residents

Following the recent heavy rainfall in Salford in the past two weeks, Eccles residents are furious about the state of the drains on Regent Street facing Morrisons supermarket.

This particular corner of Eccles has seemed to have had long-term problems with the drains seemingly incapable of coping with the amount of rainfall causing huge pools of water to build up which often results in pedestrians getting soaked by passing cars.

SalfordOnline.com reader Ali Cassim contacted us to say: “When are they going to do something about the drains at bottom of Church Street by Morrisons? After a deluge it becomes impossible to cross the road without stepping into a mini-lake.

“It’s an absolute disgrace I took this photograph early on last Friday evening and people, especially OAPs, were stepping right into it up to the ankles.

“They had to do a detour to cross the road, this has been a problem for years, this is the busiest interchange and public crossing access in Eccles town centre.

“Most people have no option but to cross that road there if they want to get the tram, bus, taxi or, for the majority, shop at Morrisons.

“When the buses come out of the bus station they have to turn sharply into that man-made lake. What are the elderly folk supposed to do? the nearest place to safely cross is the pelican crossing by the Lamb Hotel or the lights by the library.”

We spoke to Councillor Peter Wheeler, who represents Eccles who told us: “We are aware of the problems at this junction and we are trying to keep the area clean, however its a design fault with the drains which makes it hard for the amount of water that collects there to be quickly dispersed.

“I would thank SalfordOnline.com contacting me regarding this matter and I shall be taking this up with Urban Vision again at the soonest opportunity.

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